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The trust deserves all the support it can get. We can't afford to give every year, but we try to at least send something. - Anonymous, 2006


I am so glad that there are people that were willing to put this committee together and spend the time and energy to try and help us to understand and help the health of our beloved pets. - Anonymous, 2006


Please keep it going! - Anonymous, 2006


I see from the comments that I am not alone in my uncertainty of exactly what the Charitable Trust's focus is. I don't see much in the Barket about it, so perhaps more consistant updates on what is happening would be advisable. Cancer is the #1 killer of all breeds, so do we focus on Shar-Pei specific maladies only? - Anonymous, 2006

Response: We have provided numerious articles in the Barker on what the Trust is doing. However, we agree that we need a better avenue to get information to you. Hence the web site is meant to do just that. -Lee